Politics & Society

Lauschangriff auf deutsche Offiziere: Russlands hybride Kriegsführung

Kommunikation ist im digitalen Zeitalter zu einer zentralen Ressource der Kriegsführung geworden. Dies bewies zuletzt eindrücklich der Abhörskandal um den möglichen Einsatz des Marschflugkörpers Taurus durch die Ukraine. Wie können journalistische Medien künftig in diesem „Krieg der Narrative“ bestehen?

Arts & Humanities

Public History in Russia and Its Failed Struggle Against Putin’s Historical Politics

Public history emerged in Russia in the 2010s as an attempt to resist the increasing monopolization of the past and its interpretations by Vladimir Putin’s regime. Despite public historians’ solid effort, the struggle was lost. What are the field’s pasts, presents – and potential futures?

Politics & Society

Can Greek Tragedy Heal Ukraine?

The term ‘tragedy’ today has entirely negative connotations. In classical Athens, however, tragedy was thought to have a therapeutic and healing function. It enabled Athenians to confront and move beyond their deepest fears and hatred through a process of catharsis, a change of heart. Recovering this view could have important implications for Ukraine.

Politics & Society

Ukrainian Women Researchers in Europe: From Displacement to Opportunity

Russia’s war against Ukraine has shaken the world, but it has also opened up a window of opportunity: the integration of Ukrainian women researchers into the Western scientific community. This process is mutually beneficial for Europe and Ukraine alike.

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