#Social Science Perspectives on Covid-19

Politics & Society

Why Social Research is Urgently Needed in Times of Covid-19

Social research is urgently needed to detail people’s experiences of life during the pandemic, how different countries and governments are responding to the crisis and what social changes are happening.

Politics & Society

Covid-19 Forces Us to Take Linguistic Diversity Seriously

In a time of crisis like the current pandemic, how can we influence behaviour change and ensure international cooperation in a multilingual world? And can we learn lessons from the Chinese approach?

Politics & Society

How Covid-19 is Transforming Mobility

If the coronavirus has meant less air pollution, an increase in cycling and walking in some areas and an upsurge in birds singing in the trees, why isn’t anyone talking about the effects of this huge change?

Politics & Society

Preparing Welfare States in the Age of Covid-19

How will our welfare states respond — and be forced to respond — to the economic effects of Covid-19? What will our healthcare systems of the future resemble?

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