Science & Technology

Climate Change and Decreasing Fertility in Malaysia: What’s the Link?

A population in decline: Malaysia’s total fertility rate has been dropping for three decades now. Could climate change be the reason for this development?

Science & Technology

One foot out of the grave: Wolves back in Luxembourg

After a century of absence, wolves have returned to one of Europe’s smallest countries. DNA has provided the necessary evidence. […]

Science & Technology

Tiny bat breaks long-distance record on an epic journey across Europe

When biologists recovered a previously ringed bat in northern Spain, they were baffled. The small Nathusius’ pipistrelle male had travelled […]

Science & Technology

Hold your breath: Not all mitochondria need oxygen to power up

Widespread but not widely known – anaerobic mitochondria produce energy without requiring any oxygen. They remind us that breathable O2 used […]

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