#Resources for Authors and Editors

Academia & Publishing

How to Promote your Academic Book

Your academic book has been published – time to let other experts know about the fruits of your labor. We tell you how to get your publication the attention it deserves.

Academia & Publishing

How to Write a Good Research Paper

What comes next after you’re done with your research? Publishing the results in a journal of course! We tell you how to present your work in the best way possible.

Academia & Publishing

How to Turn your Dissertation into a Book

You finished your dissertation and want to turn it into a book? Then don’t let the revision process scare you – we’ve got you covered with helpful tips and tricks on the way.

Academia & Publishing

How to Improve Your H-Index

The h-index indicates academic impact in the highly competitive “publish or perish” environment. We tell you how to boost your own h-index (… and how not to).

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