Academia & Publishing

How De Gruyter’s New Name Change Policy Came to Life

Academic authors may wish to change their name in a previous publication for a variety of reasons. To make the process easier and more discreet, De Gruyter decided to create a name change policy, which was published this week. We asked Charlott Schönwetter and Christene Smith from De Gruyter’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee about the ins and outs of the process.

Politics & Society

Coming Home and Coming Out? Germany, EURO 2020, and the Battle for Queer Rights

Donning a rainbow flag in the face of international anti-queer measures is not enough. To be taken seriously as an LGBTQIA+ rights advocate, Germany needs to reckon with its own complex and difficult past first.

Arts & Humanities

Queer Wizards and the Magic of Neurodiversity

Transgressive, liberated, powerful – wizard characters offer spaces of hope and transformation for young queer and neurodivergent readers.

Arts & Humanities

„Unsere Sprache vermittelt eine Schieflage in Bezug auf die Geschlechter“: Susanne Günthner und Constanze Spieß im Interview

Mitgemeint ist nicht mitgedacht. Bei der sprachlichen Sichtbarmachung von Frauen und diversen Personen ist Kreativität nicht zu verteufeln, sondern zu begrüßen, sagen Susanne Günthner und Constanze Spieß.

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