Science & Technology

Apollo’s gift and curse: how music can shape our brain

Performing music at a professional level is probably the most difficult of human accomplishments. It requires the integration of multimodal […]

Arts & Humanities

How Kraftwerk Invented Electronic Music

When Kraftwerk released their album “Autobahn” in 1974, little did the band foresee that their very German brand of elektronische Volksmusik would change the course of pop music forever: their music of the future, made by machines, has become our reality today.

Arts & Humanities

The Untold Story of Reformation Women’s Sacred Music

In Luther’s times, music expressed the religious experience of enclosed nuns and Anabaptist martyrs, of Calvinist pious wives and Lutheran schoolgirls, of powerful female rulers and tired peasant mothers. Though few of their songs have reached our ears, they make a fascinating narrative worth exploring.

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