Arts & Humanities

Andrea Pető on “The Forgotten Massacre”

In our first book talk, Prof. Andrea Pető discusses her research on a formerly unknown and “invisible” massacre in Budapest 1944, and the battle for remembrance after World War II.

Politics & Society

Iconoclasm: From Post-Socialist Yugoslavia to Black Lives Matter

Against the backdrop of the ongoing protests across the United States and Europe to denounce structural racism, take down its monuments, and call for a critical postcolonial confrontation with history, Gal Kirn draws connections between the present moment and the memory culture of the new states of former Yugoslavia during the 1990s.

Arts & Humanities

Will Covid-19 Become Part of Collective Memory?

How has collective memory shaped our experience of the corona pandemic? And what will we remember about Covid-19 in the future? These are questions debated in the interdisciplinary field of memory studies.

Arts & Humanities

“I could imagine my ancestors smile” – Lonnie Bunch on the National Museum of African American History and Culture

The first African American Secretary of the Smithsonian and former director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture about the NMAAHC, museums and their role in creating inclusive national narratives.

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