Science & Technology

How to destroy Coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces

Droplet infections play a major role in the transmission of the Coronavirus. Yet, we must not forget about the risk […]

Science & Technology

What happens to our teeth when water fluoridation levels change?

To prevent tooth decay, many countries fluoridate their drinking water– not always without controversy. In a recent review, researchers from […]

Science & Technology

Pangolins, bats or another species – where did COVID-19 come from?

Viruses similar to the 2019 novel coronavirus have been discovered in horseshoe bats and the critically endangered Sunda pangolin. Scientists presume that the illegal trade of these animals at “wet markets” may have played a key role in the Covid-19 outbreak.

Science & Technology

Understanding the Brains of Transgender People: Are We There Yet?

Over the last 25 years, scientists have become more and more keen on understanding the contribution of the brain in how transgender people feel about themselves. Although studies are increasing, neuroscientists are still trying to answer the question whether the brains of transgender people resemble those of their self-identified gender, their sex assigned at birth, or whether they have a totally different brain profile.

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