Arts & Humanities

Why We Shouldn’t Write Off Handwriting Just Yet

New technologies have changed the way we write – but the practice of handwriting is still alive, albeit sometimes in a different way.

Arts & Humanities

Call for Book Proposals: Reihe Germanistische Linguistik

Für unsere traditionsreiche “Reihe Germanistische Linguistik” suchen wir nach Publikationen, die neuere gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen in den Fokus rücken, welche die Entwicklung von Sprache und kommunikativen Praktiken nachhaltig prägen werden.

Academia & Publishing

Congratulations, Winners of the 2021 Joshua A. Fishman Award!

Two exceptional dissertations pertaining to the sociology of language have made the cut.

Arts & Humanities

Exploring Expletives: New Research Finds 27% Decline in Swearing Since the 1990s

The UK study also indicates that the gap between swear word use by men and women has lessened and that Britons have a new favourite swearword.

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