Academia & Publishing

Congratulations, Winners of the 2021 Joshua A. Fishman Award!

Two exceptional dissertations pertaining to the sociology of language have made the cut.

Arts & Humanities

Exploring Expletives: New Research Finds 27% Decline in Swearing Since the 1990s

The UK study also indicates that the gap between swear word use by men and women has lessened and that Britons have a new favourite swearword.

Arts & Humanities

Why We Need to Address Linguistic Diversity at the Modern Olympic Games

Not only are multilingual services vital for the smooth running of the Olympics – they are now a requisite for public health. That’s why, in time of crisis, Tokyo ramped up its linguistic infrastructure.

Arts & Humanities

The sounds in a Pokémon name impact how players perceive the creature

Characters with harsh syllables in their names were judged to be stronger, heavier and larger.

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