Arts & Humanities

From Persecution to Emancipation? The Pink Triangle and Queer History

How did the pink triangle, once imposed by the Nazis, get reclaimed by those it was meant to stigmatize? Has the triangle of sadness evolved into one of joy, of fear, of memory? This symbol of queer history contains multitudes.

Politics & Society

Gender, Embodiment, Desire: A Discussion with Meg Fernandes and Jack Halberstam

Should gender be abolished? Why do conservatives fixate on trans youths? And what exactly do we mean by “non-binary”? In a recent event in our “Humanities for Humans” series, poet Meg Fernandes and gender theorist Jack Halberstam discussed today’s vital questions around gender, the body, and desire.

Arts & Humanities

Doing Linguistics Out of the Closet: A Queer Perspective on Discipline

Research on LGBTQ+ issues is frequently marginalized in academia. However, only by making space for the exploration of queer issues within established disciplines such as linguistics can we discover new insights and approaches that encompass the full spectrum of human experience.

Politics & Society

Japan’s Ongoing Struggle with LGBTQ+ Equality: What Lies Beneath?

Among the G7 countries, Japan is the only one without laws in place to protect LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination or to recognize same-sex partnerships. Meanwhile, conservative lawmakers cite the country’s alleged history of tolerance as a reason to reject legislative change. What’s behind this discourse and why is mere tolerance not enough?

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