Arts & Humanities

Andreas Witt and Darja Fišer on “CLARIN. The Infrastructure for Language Resources”

CLARIN, the “Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure,” is dedicated to supporting the exchange, use, and sustainability of language data in the humanities and beyond. In our latest book talk, we spoke with the editors of a new publication that provides a comprehensive overview of the organization and how it works.

Arts & Humanities

Are Emojis Really a Lingua Franca?

Whether it’s a winking face or a thumbs up, emojis add an emotional dimension to our digital communication with friends, family, and coworkers from around the world. Some would even say that emojis constitute a universal language, however, linguists aren’t so sure.

Academia & Publishing

Congratulations, Winners of the 2021 Joshua A. Fishman Award!

Two exceptional dissertations pertaining to the sociology of language have made the cut.

Arts & Humanities

Good, Bad, and Ugly Genes? An Interview with Claus-Christian Carbon

Language shapes our thinking – in science as well as in everyday life. That is why we urgently need to re-think outdated concepts and terms such as “good genes”, says Psychology professor Claus-Christian Carbon.

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