Language & Culture

Genderdebatte: Flexibilität ist ein Lebenszeichen unserer Sprache

In der Debatte um geschlechtergerechte Sprache äußern sich nicht wenige, die die deutsche Sprache als vermeintlich unantastbares Kulturdenkmal schützen und bewahren möchten. Doch ein Blick in die Sprachgeschichte beweist: nichts ist so beständig wie der Wandel.

Politics & Society

Covid-19 Forces Us to Take Linguistic Diversity Seriously

In a time of crisis like the current pandemic, how can we influence behaviour change and ensure international cooperation in a multilingual world? And can we learn lessons from the Chinese approach?

Politics & Society

Don’t Confuse Constraints with Confinement during COVID-19

Will the words we choose and the thought processes that accompany them help us through this crisis? Can we ever equate freedom with confinement or do we just need to shift our thinking?

Language & Culture

Linguistic archeology and the granularity of language change: Interview with Prof. Gerd Carling

Why is lingustic archeology so fascinating? What is special about your forthcoming Atlas project? How do polygons and network diagrams help us understand how language works? We talked to Gerd Carling, the editor of “The Mouton Atlas of Languages and Cultures” about her fascination with languages, both modern and ancient.

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