Politics & Society

The Gates of Gaza: An Interview with Lihi Ben Shitrit

Out now in hardback, paperback and eBook, Volume 4 of De Gruyter Disruptions reminds us that an eye for an eye leaves us all blind. Lihi Ben Shitrit gathers dissenting voices from within her country, both Jewish and Arab, as they grapple with the October 7 attacks and the subsequent military retaliation – and try to find ways forward together.

Politics & Society

Israelis, Palästinenser und Deutsche: Das Moralische Dreieck

Wie leben Israelis und Palästinenser in Berlin? Welche Rolle spielen Holocaust und Nahostkonflikt? Und wie steht es um Versöhnung und Verantwortung innerhalb des komplexen „moralischen Dreiecks“ zwischen Palästinensern, Israelis und Deutschen? In über 100 Gesprächen gingen Sa’ed Atshan und Katharina Galor diesen Fragen nach. Herausgekommen ist ein spannendes Kaleidoskop gegenwärtiger Berliner Stadtgeschichte.

Arts & Humanities

Biblical archaeology: An Interview with Aren Maeir

Professor Aren Maeir specializes in biblical archaeology. We talked to him about his field of expertise and his role as an editor for the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR).

Arts & Humanities

The Bible and the Romans: An Interview with Natalie Dohrmann

How does Rome expand the legal empire into the East and how are the Rabbis respond to that?
We let Natalie Dohrmann, whose academic background focuses on rabbinic literature and Jews in the Roman Empire, answer this question for you!

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