#Humanities Perspectives on Covid-19

Arts & Humanities

How Co-Witnessing Could Transform the Post-Pandemic World

Of the metaphors circulating in the media to describe the Covid-19 pandemic, the one I find most helpful deploys the image that the whole world is experiencing the same storm, but groups of us are in very different kinds of boats trying to weather it.

Arts & Humanities

Will Covid-19 Become Part of Collective Memory?

How has collective memory shaped our experience of the corona pandemic? And what will we remember about Covid-19 in the future? These are questions debated in the interdisciplinary field of memory studies.

Arts & Humanities

Antisemitism on Social Media in Times of Corona

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic antisemitic myths and conspiracy theories have been thriving. They meet the demand for narratives that promise knowledge — a demand that is growing in times of crisis and uncertainty.

Arts & Humanities

Dangerous Comparisons: Historical Pandemics and Covid-19

It’s almost impossible to go a day without stumbling upon an article, podcast or media interview that makes an explicit comparison between Covid-19 and a pandemic in history. Yet, the one-size-fits-all comparisons don’t work in most cases.

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