Academic Publishing

Call for Manuscripts: Museums and Narrative

We are looking for English-language manuscripts on museums and exhibitions as narrative media for our new book series.

Language & Culture

#unbezahlt? Vom Widerstand des Akademischen Prekariats

Kurzzeitverträge, Niedriglöhne und permanente Überlastung – viele Forschende an deutschen Universitäten arbeiten unter prekären Bedingungen. Doch muss das wirklich so sein?

Philosophy & History

From Justinianic Plague to Covid-19: A Timeless Story?

The news of SARS-CoV-2 spreading across the world and quarantine measures bring back to mind the terrible scourges of the past.

Philosophy & History

Pandemics in History: Global Solidarity is the Only Way Forward

Can history teach us how to deal with Covid-19? Perhaps not. But it reminds us that when faced with global challenges, we need to resist the urge to focus on national solidarities.

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