Philosophy & History

The Paradox of Chaos and the Emergence of History

The year 2020 seems to have brought us “a hell of evils,” to borrow philosopher Immanuel Kant’s phrase. Can history help us make sense of the chaos we are facing?

Academic Publishing

Call for Manuscripts: Museums and Narrative

We are looking for English-language manuscripts on museums and exhibitions as narrative media for our new book series.

Language & Culture

#unbezahlt? Vom Widerstand des Akademischen Prekariats

Kurzzeitverträge, Niedriglöhne und permanente Überlastung – viele Forschende an deutschen Universitäten arbeiten unter prekären Bedingungen. Doch muss das wirklich so sein?

Philosophy & History

From Justinianic Plague to Covid-19: A Timeless Story?

The news of SARS-CoV-2 spreading across the world and quarantine measures bring back to mind the terrible scourges of the past.

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