#female emancipation

Academia & Publishing

What’s Ahead for Women in STEM?

Women are still heavily underrepresented in all areas of STEM. We want to change this narrative one interview at a time, by asking some of our female authors and editors about the future.

Business & Economics

No Longer Just a Man’s World – How Female Business Leaders Rise

When more than 100 female executives from five different nations reflect on their way to the top, the results are as multifaceted as they are inspiring.

Arts & Humanities

Reisepionierin Ida Pfeiffer: Wie eine Wienerin die Welt eroberte

Mit Mitte vierzig, inmitten der Zeit des Biedermeier, beschloss Ida Pfeiffer, dass ihr die Rolle als Hausfrau und Mutter nicht mehr genügte. Also wurde sie Weltreisende.

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