Science & Technology

Automated Vehicles: Towards a Zero Accident Future?

Experts widely agree that increased automation will lead to increased traffic safety – but can autonomous cars really eliminate traffic accidents once and for all?

Politics & Society

What is Internet Sociology and Why Does it Matter?

Since no single theory can deliver suitable answers to the questions that the digital revolution has brought up, Internet Sociology uses a wide range of tools to explore the relation between the internet and society.

Politics & Society

Agile Management in the Digital Age: It’s Not What You Think!

With agile methods conquering traditional industries, long-established companies now teach their managers to use intuition by playing with Lego. But is agile management really the answer to everything?

Politics & Society

Digital Leadership: 6 Key Management Challenges Today

Digital technologies are transforming the business world at a manic pace, and digital leadership is one of the latest buzzwords in face of the challenges caused by digitization. But does such a thing even exist? And if it does, what exactly does it mean?

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