Politics & Society

Turning Controversy into Connection: A Discussion with Martha Minow and Liz Lerman

When bitter debates divide our societies – at times to the point of violence – it’s both harder and more important than ever to find the common ground that unites us. Is there a way out? Yes, say legal scholar Martha Minow and creative artist Liz Lerman in the latest event in the Humanities for Humans series. But if we want to build bridges, we need the right tools.

Arts & Humanities

Zwischen Apokalypse und Wachstumsillusion: Warum wir neue Hoffnung brauchen

In der ökologischen Krise zeigen sich allzu deutlich die Grenzen des auf Wachstum basierenden Wohlstands. Doch während die politische Linke in Verzweiflung und die Rechte in blindem Optimismus verharrt, wächst in der Zivilgesellschaft eine neue demokratische Hoffnung.

Politics & Society

Neuropolitics: How Looking Inside Our Brains Can Help Save Democracy

What happens when people feel unheard and vote for a demagogue? What Plato attributed to the concept of ‘Thymos’ 2,400 years ago, today finds a tangible connection in the brain. The ramifications for democratic thought are profound.

Politics & Society

White Rage and the Demise of Democracy

In the past few years, underprivileged groups have felt ‘left behind’ and voted for demagogues, who have often gone on to undermine democracy. However, this is nothing new. Reading classics by writers as diverse as Dostoevsky, Plato and Rousseau can provide an answer to the current malaise.

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