Arts & Humanities

Wilfried Hinsch und Susanne Brandtstädter über „Gefährliche Forschung“

Welchen Einfluss haben wissenschaftliche Innovationen auf unseren Alltag? Was macht neue Erkenntnisse potenziell „gefährlich“? Und welche Verantwortung tragen Forschende gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit? Über dies und mehr sprachen wir mit Wilfried Hinsch und Susanne Brandtstädter.

Academia & Publishing

What Are Altmetrics and Why Do We Need Them?

Are tweets and blog posts the new citations? The advent of social networks has undoubtedly changed scholarly communication, and scientific impact can no longer be determined by traditional bibliometrics alone. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get familiar with alternative metrics!

Arts & Humanities

Are Emojis Really a Lingua Franca?

Whether it’s a winking face or a thumbs up, emojis add an emotional dimension to our digital communication with friends, family, and coworkers from around the world. Some would even say that emojis constitute a universal language, however, linguists aren’t so sure.

Politics & Society

Why Avoiding the News May Not Be Bad News After All

Civic engagement is vital to society and can even help a country steer through crises like COVID-19. What makes people go out of their way to volunteer, donate money, or get politically active? One answer may lie in their news consumption.

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