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Science & Technology

What Artificial Intelligence Will Never Be Able to Achieve

When, if ever, will artificial intelligence fully surpass human capabilities? What happens to our autonomy when we entrust AI with the task of shaping our future? And why can’t a robot deliver a genuine compliment? Reflecting on the limits of AI leads to a deeper understanding of our own complexity.

Academia & Publishing

ChatGPT in Academia: How Scholars Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Their Daily Work

A recent survey conducted by De Gruyter’s Insights team has revealed that academics hold both concerns and curiosity regarding artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT. What’s more, they are keen to see more transparency and education about the ethical use of these disruptive technologies.

Academia & Publishing

Artificial Intelligence and Peer Review: Through the Editor’s Lens

The outcome of peer review can make or break a researcher’s career. With this weighty responsibility in mind, could we ever bestow this task – partly or completely – upon artificial intelligence technology? We asked our editors for their views.

Arts & Humanities

Modern Languages in a Changing World: An Interview with Andy Byford and Claudia Nitschke

The field of Modern Languages explores nothing less than the fundamental questions of human existence. We spoke to Professors Andy Byford and Claudia Nitschke about the discipline’s historical roots, current developments, and possible futures.

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