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Academia & Publishing

The Future of Academic Libraries: A Utopian Vision for 2040 and Beyond

Envision a not-too-distant future, in which society has been completely transformed by digitization. Printed books have become obsolete and data management is completely run by artificial intelligence. What would happen to university libraries and their role in higher education? In this scenario, they would be anything but irrelevant.

Arts & Humanities

Wilfried Hinsch und Susanne Brandtstädter über „Gefährliche Forschung“

Welchen Einfluss haben wissenschaftliche Innovationen auf unseren Alltag? Was macht neue Erkenntnisse potenziell „gefährlich“? Und welche Verantwortung tragen Forschende gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit? Über dies und mehr sprachen wir mit Wilfried Hinsch und Susanne Brandtstädter.

Science & Technology

Artificial Intelligence Hubs: How to Catch the Next Pandemic Early

COVID-19 won’t be the last pandemic to impact our lives. To prepare for the next global health crisis, we must focus on advancing artificial intelligence – and share the knowledge we gain across borders.

Science & Technology

Phil De Luna on “Accelerated Materials Discovery”

In his latest book, Phil De Luna, PhD delves into the complexity of automated discovery. To learn more about the future of scientific development, we sat down with Phil for a book talk.

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