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Science & Technology

Book Talk: Phil De Luna on “Accelerated Materials Discovery”

In his latest book, Phil De Luna, PhD delves into the complexity of automated discovery. To learn more about the future of scientific development, we sat down with Phil for a book talk.

Arts & Humanities

Book Talk: Erika Quinn and Holly Yanacek on “Animals, Machines, and AI”

Erika Quinn’s and Holly Yanacek’s most recent book examines the emotional relationships between humans and non-humans in modern German cultural history. We wanted to learn more from the two volume editors, so we got together for a new book talk!

Arts & Humanities

Humans, Robots, and a Virus: How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Relationship With Artificial Intelligence

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of communities around the world, driving many people to turn to new technologies for social and emotional support. What can artificial intelligence technologies like “Replika” and “the Squirrel” reveal about our own emotional world?

Science & Technology

What We Can Do with Sex Robots (… Besides the Obvious)

Robots like “Harmony” and “Henry” offer the promise to satisfy all our sexual needs – but there is more to them! What might await us when sex robots leave the bedroom?

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