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Arts & Humanities

AI Literature: Will ChatGPT Be the Author of Your Next Favourite Novel?

The rise of large language models has generated an online boom in AI-written literature across genres as diverse as bedtime stories for children, sci-fi novellas, autobiographies, and romance novels. But if we can generate entire volumes with nothing but a prompt or two, how will books be conceived in the future? And what impact will ChatGPT have on our notion of literature?

Politics & Society

Resurrection Consent: It’s Time to Talk About Our Digital Afterlives

Your friend dies in a car crash. A company can resurrect her online avatar based on her digital footprint. Should you agree? A new study captures attitudes to the digital resurrection scenarios that will face us soon.

Academia & Publishing

Artificial Intelligence in Modern Academic Libraries

Artificial intelligence technology brings a host of benefits and challenges for publishers and librarians alike. We asked several experts to share their views and experiences on navigating the evolving AI landscape.

Science & Technology

What Artificial Intelligence Will Never Be Able to Achieve

When, if ever, will artificial intelligence fully surpass human capabilities? What happens to our autonomy when we entrust AI with the task of shaping our future? And why can’t a robot deliver a genuine compliment? Reflecting on the limits of AI leads to a deeper understanding of our own complexity.

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