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Lost in Transition: How to Close the Care Gap for Childhood Cancer Survivors

As if growing up wasn’t hard enough, the transition from paediatric to adult care can be a particularly confusing and overwhelming experience for the survivors of childhood cancer. On World Cancer Day 2022, let’s think about how to prevent young people from falling through the gaps!

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Diabetes camp: How to make attendance more equitable

Diabetes camp programs have been a fundamental summer experience for children with diabetes since 1925 – but not all children […]

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Pediatricians must educate girls about menstruation. Period.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians routinely educate girls about menstruation and feminine hygiene. However, a recent study […]

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Boys who are bullied online may have more risky sex

Recent research suggests that adolescent boys who are cyber bullied pursue risky sexual behaviors more frequently than girls who are […]

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