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Taking Libraries into the Future, Part 1: An Interview with Mark Hughes

Artificial intelligence: good, bad or neutral? Whatever one thinks of AI, its impact on research, teaching and learning is becoming near impossible to ignore. In the first part of a new blog series, Mark Hughes, University Librarian at Cardiff Metropolitan University, shares his views on how to tackle the slippery giant that is transforming academia.

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Library Community Gives Back: 2023 Webinar Speakers’ Charity Picks

From clean water and medical aid to animal welfare and deforestation: Librarians are committed to many causes beyond the walls of their institutions. That much is clear from the charities chosen by the expert speakers in our quarterly librarians’ webinar series.

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From Error to Excellence: Embracing Mistakes in Library Practice

Everyone makes mistakes. Few would disagree with this statement, yet many still shy away from discussing what went wrong and why – especially in a professional setting such as a library. To challenge this stigma, four interviewees reflect on their own professional blunders and why it’s more sensible to acknowledge them than to deny their existence.

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How to Get “Networking” Right as an Academic

As a PhD student, early career researcher, or even as a seasoned academic, you will likely have to do some sort of bridge-building with other people in your field if you want to be considered for interesting job opportunities, get your work noticed, or just find like-minded people in your field you respect, trust, and enjoy working with. We’ve compiled a set of helpful tips and tricks to help you get it right.

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