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30 Jahre Wiedervereinigung: Marko Demantowsky & Per Leo zum deutschen Nationalfeiertag

Am 3. Oktober 2020 feiert Deutschland 30 Jahre Einheit. Wie kam es damals zum Einigungsvertrag und wie erinnern wir uns heute an die Wiedervereinigung? Zwei Historiker ziehen Bilanz.

Politics & Society

Academic Cooperation is Vital to Weathering the Covid-19 Crisis

When the future is so uncertain, it’s only natural to retreat to what you know and do best. But it’s never been more important for academics to collaborate, cooperate and support each other to produce research that is both relevant and helpful to wider society.

Politics & Society

The Pandemic Reshapes Academic Life – How We Respond Is Key

Academic life is constantly changing, but in the context of COVID-19, those changes have been accelerated.

Politics & Society

How Universities Can Outlast the Covid-19 Pandemic

In times of uncertainty, universities and faculty members must react with careful planning and future-proofing. In short, now is not the time for magical thinking.

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