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Giant Armadillos are dedicated mothers

Not much is known about these gentle giants, but recent research suggests that the way Giant Armadillos reproduce may make […]

Science & Technology

Sugarcane plantations and deforestation threaten Brazil’s carnivores

Despite being overlooked in previous studies, coatis and ocelots can still be found in the Atlantic Forest of the Pernambuco Endemism Center (PEC), a biodiversity hotspot in Brazil. However, both species have low density, indicating severe population decline. New records highlight the importance of forest remnants to support the carnivorous fauna in this region.

Science & Technology

When a myth came true: Blindness in bats

Despite popular belief, bats are not blind. Their vision plays an important role in environmental recognition, and as a result […]

Science & Technology

Wild albino rodents? Researchers discover albino stump-tailed porcupine

You’re probably familiar with the albino lab mouse, which is a domestic phenotype that resulted from artificial selection and was […]

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