Science & Technology

Hold your breath: Not all mitochondria need oxygen to power up

Widespread but not widely known – anaerobic mitochondria produce energy without requiring any oxygen. They remind us that breathable O2 used […]

Science & Technology

Pangolins, bats or another species – where did COVID-19 come from?

Viruses similar to the 2019 novel coronavirus have been discovered in horseshoe bats and the critically endangered Sunda pangolin. Scientists presume that the illegal trade of these animals at “wet markets” may have played a key role in the Covid-19 outbreak.

Science & Technology

Our “little brain in the gut” is more important than we thought

We likely all listen to our “gut feelings” from time to time, but maybe not all of us know that […]

Science & Technology

Super seaweed: the immune-stimulating and anti-HIV effects of brown algae

Samples of a brown algae species from the Gulf of Mannar, the first marine Biosphere Reserve in India, were found […]

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