Academia & Publishing

10 Jahre Open-Access-Bücher bei De Gruyter: Özkan Ezli und sein Gewinnertitel „Narrative der Migration”

10 Jahre – 10 Gewinnertitel! Unser Open-Access-Jubiläum feierten wir mit einem Wettbewerb, dessen Gewinner und Gewinnerinnen sich der Reihe nach in kurzen Interviews vorstellen werden. Einer von ihnen ist der Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaftler Özkan Ezli.

Science & Technology

Tiny bat breaks long-distance record on an epic journey across Europe

When biologists recovered a previously ringed bat in northern Spain, they were baffled. The small Nathusius’ pipistrelle male had travelled […]

Arts & Humanities

Diaspora and Home: An Interview with Homi K. Bhabha

How much displacement can an individual or a group take? Homi K. Bhabha talks about migration, biography and culture – and how the refugee could become the model on which to think about new forms of belonging and citizenship.

Arts & Humanities

Roma Diaspora: Space, Place and Identity

The recent spate of evictions of Roma communities across Europe reflect a historical discrimination against those considered as illegitimate outsiders. At a time when walls are going up across the world, the issue of who belongs and who is denied access to certain spaces is evermore prescient, and in need of critical attention.

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