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The Future of Academic Libraries: A Utopian Vision for 2040 and Beyond

Envision a not-too-distant future, in which society has been completely transformed by digitization. Printed books have become obsolete and data management is completely run by artificial intelligence. What would happen to university libraries and their role in higher education? In this scenario, they would be anything but irrelevant.

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Book Bans and Biases: Is There a Place for Sexually Explicit Materials in the Library?

Whether American libraries should host sexually explicit content has been a matter of ongoing debate throughout history, and it continues to be a heated topic of discussion today. The persistent failure, however, to recognize patrons as fully embodied human beings with physical and intellectual dimensions reveals deep cultural biases at play.

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Librarians Coping with Covid-19: An Outlook from China

Foster Zhang, University Librarian at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, remains hopeful that we can find yet more innovative ways to use technology as his institution is forced to switch to remote learning due to the Corona crisis.

Academia & Publishing

Librarians Coping with Covid-19: An Outlook From Germany

We talked to Karl Krieg, Head of Acquisitions at Passau University Library in Germany, about challenges and opportunities for libraries during the Corona crisis.

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