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Unfit Art History: Queering the Study of Art

As labels tend to oscillate between overestimation and meaninglessness, the notion of a Queer Art History requires double caution: As a discipline it may either risk domesticating a radical movement through institutionalization, or be derided as ‘unscholarly’ activism. While the latter objection may even confirm the effectiveness of queer initiatives, the former requires a constant questioning of the objectives being pursued. Charting the path forward for Queer Art History means facing these issues head on.

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Catalogue Raisonné as Artwork

In an era of digital catalogues raisonnés, artist Michael Müller has embraced printed opulence with “Ernstes Spiel – Catalogue Raisonné.” Using colors, languages and the interplay of images and texts, the supposed parergon is transformed into a Gesamtkunstwerk in its own right.

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Das Werkverzeichnis als Kunstwerk

In einer Ära digitaler Werkverzeichnisse setzt der Künstler Michael Müller mit „Ernstes Spiel – Catalogue Raisonné“ auf gedruckte Opulenz. Durch Farben, Sprachen und das Zusammenspiel von Bild und Text wird das vermeintliche Beiwerk dabei zu einem eigenständigen Gesamtkunstwerk.

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Dear museums, treat your visitors as friends

There is often a discontinuity, even hierarchy, between curatorial and educational departments at museums that strains the communication between museum professionals and visitors.

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