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Mold toxins damage the liver – Antioxidant supplements might help

Wheat mill workers frequently suffer from health problems caused by toxic fungi in the air. A group of Egyptian researchers recently discovered that supplementation with zinc and vitamin C can ameliorate oxidative stress and toxic liver damage resulting from occupational exposure to a potent mold toxin.

Science & Technology

Novel portable biosensor for rapid detection of cancer

In the new era of mobile healthcare and bedside testing, the demand for portable, cost-effective and fast-working analytical devices for […]

Science & Technology

Health effects of microwave radiation: What the “Moscow signal” revealed

During the cold war, the USSR repeatedly irradiated the United States embassy in Moscow with microwaves. After the publication of […]

Science & Technology

Buprenorphine may have fewer sexual side effects than opioids but who knows?

Buprenorphine, the medication used to treat addiction to opioids is gaining increasing popularity for both maintenance treatment of opioid dependence […]

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