Science & Technology

2,400 km Flight Sets New Bat Migration Record

According to recently uncovered evidence, a tiny bat of the species Nathusius’ pipstrelle flew from north-west Russia to southern France over 63 days, beating the previous record for bat migration.

Science & Technology

Pangolins, bats or another species – where did COVID-19 come from?

Viruses similar to the 2019 novel coronavirus have been discovered in horseshoe bats and the critically endangered Sunda pangolin. Scientists presume that the illegal trade of these animals at “wet markets” may have played a key role in the Covid-19 outbreak.

Science & Technology

Hidden treasure: Old museum specimen turns into first report of Schneider’s leaf-nosed bat in Myanmar

Scientists recently reported and confirmed the presence of Schneider’s leaf-nosed bat in Pyay, Myanmar for the first time. Their findings […]

Science & Technology

When a myth came true: Blindness in bats

Despite popular belief, bats are not blind. Their vision plays an important role in environmental recognition, and as a result […]

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