Science & Technology

Climbing trees to study the elusive bearcat

The bearcat is not a bear nor a cat, but a peculiar arboreal civet. Bearcats, or binturongs, live in the […]

Science & Technology

Big city life: Why are hyraxes making Palestinian urban areas their new home?

Furry, gregarious and full of surprises – rock hyraxes are increasing in numbers outside their natural habitats in Palestine and […]

Science & Technology

Scientists discover a new crab-eating rat species in Ecuador

The rediscovery of two museum specimens in Azuay, Ecuador encouraged researchers to investigate whether the small rodents actually represented a […]

Science & Technology

Hidden treasure: Old museum specimen turns into first report of Schneider’s leaf-nosed bat in Myanmar

Scientists recently reported and confirmed the presence of Schneider’s leaf-nosed bat in Pyay, Myanmar for the first time. Their findings […]

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