How Well Do You Know Ernst Jandl? [Quiz]

Test your literary knowledge with our quiz commemorating Ernst Jandl, one of the great German speaking poets.

Born on August 1, 1925 in Vienna, Ernst Jandl was a writer, poet, and translator. Jandl’s first publications provoked many of his contemporaries, his experimental poems often causing scandals. For a long time he couldn’t find a publisher for his works.

Despite gradually becoming a successful author in the course of the 1960s, Jandl continued to work as a teacher until his retirement in 1979. 


How did you score? Want to learn more about Ernst Jandl and other historical personalities? All facts in this quiz were gathered from the World Biographical Information System Online, the world’s largest digital collection of biographical sources.

[Title Image by Wolfgang H. Wögerer, Vienna, Austria. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.] 

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The Editors

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