Philosophy & History

Philosophy & History

Pandemics in History: Global Solidarity is the Only Way Forward

Can history teach us how to deal with Covid-19? Perhaps not. But it reminds us that when faced with global challenges, we need to resist the urge to focus on national solidarities.

Philosophy & History

Stoic Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic

The corona pandemic has affected all of us and raised many questions about the ways we organise our lives. Famed for their ability to cope with such crises, Greek and Roman Stoics offer an intriguing perspective on the challenging questions facing us.

Philosophy & History

Coronarchiv: How Public Historians Are Collecting Memories of the Corona Pandemic

German public historians have started an online platform to collect everyday memories of the Corona crisis. Their aim is to make an archive of a wide range of different experiences of the present moment available for future historical research.

Language & Culture

World War II Museums and the Battle for Memory, 75 Years Later

In 2020, can we make a universal claim that the end of the Second World War in Europe was a liberation, a symbol of peace and freedom? A plea for multi-faceted approaches to remembering World War II.

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