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Language & Culture

You are not Pete Tong. I am Barry White.

Whilst demonstrating some of the joys of rhyming slang, the authors of A Dictionary of English Rhyming Slangs discuss something you may not have noticed in the title of their book.

Language & Culture

Diaspora and Home: An Interview with Homi K. Bhabha

How much displacement can an individual or a group take? Homi K. Bhabha talks about migration, biography and culture – and how the refugee could become the model on which to think about new forms of belonging and citizenship.

Language & Culture

The Proletarian Dream and the Resurgence of Political Emotions

The proletarian dream, emerging out of late nineteenth and early twentieth century German culture, offers an important historical perspective on the powerful but little understood role of emotions in politics and social movements today.

Academic Publishing

Investigating Fake News: A Conversation with James Corcoran

Fake news don’t just affect readers and journalists, but our societies at large. But who is creating fake news and how do journalists define truthfulness in the first place? James Corcoran on journalism, huxters and click bait.

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