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Professor Manuel Knoll earned his PhD in Philosophy, Political Science and History from the University of Munich in 2000. After lecturing at the University of Munich and at the Munich School of Political Science since 1998, he became a Professor of Philosophy at Fatih University, Istanbul, in 2011 and a Professor of Philosophy at Istanbul Şehir University, Istanbul in 2015. Since 2013 he is a Member of Instituto “Lucio Anneo Séneca” of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Philosophy & History

Is Democracy Broken? What Plato Would Have Said About Trump and Brexit

First Brexit, then Trump. 2016 was not a good year for modern Western democracies. In 2018, the consequences of these votes seem worse than many pessimists anticipated. So what might Plato, a notoriously harsh critic of democracy, have said about all of this?

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